Sophi, Vitoria-Gasteiz 1988.
She has managed her own musical career since 2009, creating her songs and taking an active part in special projects and
events such as the OS of the film “Blue Lips” or the main theme for the web series “Si vienes repites”. Always an itchy feet
entrepreneur, she started the traveling stage @eltuktukdesophi and the concerts on the city roofs @sophipoppins. She has
recently released “Pluma 53”, an album recorded in Montreal Studios, where “Amania films” and “fps audiovisuales” helped in
the production of the videoclip.
Currently, she is working and gaining skills to create her own company aimed at dependent people with the idea of providing
them with musical, artistic and cultural needs in their homes or nursing homes. Her mission is to …..”keep talent alive”.