Researcher on Virology and Immunology

Dr. Maria Salgado has 10 years of research experience in virology and immunology, focusing especially on the pathogenesis of HIV-1 as the aetiological agent of AIDS, on functional HIV cure models in patients that spontaneously control viral replication and on different HIV cure strategies developed worldwide. She obtained her molecular biology and genetics PhD from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) in March 2010, after which she spent 27 months at the Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA); her collaboration with former mentors there continues today in co-authored publications.

Awarded grants under the Sara Borrell and Juan de la Cierva programmes, she is currently working as a researcher in Dr. Javier Martínez-Picado’s group at IrsiCaixa, where she has also mentored two master students and is currently co-directing a thesis project.

Dr. Salgado has published 26 papers in high-impact journals and has participated in European- and US-funded collaborative projects. She also plays an active role in science outreach. Her commitment to her field of study has been rewarded with a total of six Spanish government competitive fellowships and nine international young investigator awards.