NGO Director

Daniel Villanueva SJ is a jesuit. He graduated in Computer Engineering and Theology, and has post-graduate studies in Humanitarian Assistance (Fordham University), Non-Governmental Organizations Management (ESADE Business School), Leadership and Social Innovation (ESADE Business School), and a Global Executive MBA (Georgetown University.)  

He is the Executive Vice President of the NGOs Entreculturas–Fe y Alegría and Alboan, that promote educational networks with refugees, migrants, and vulnerable people in more than 50 countries. He coordinated the Jesuit communication team at a global scale; he designed and implemented the strategie, platform, and networks for the last two General Congregations. His obsession are the education, the networks, and the communications. Along his more than 20 years of career, he has developed different positions, from teacher to general manager in teaching centers; and IT Manager and digital communications at a worldwide scale. 

Moreover, he is Vice President of the ICAI Foundation, Vice President of Xabier Network, and Vice  Chair of the Georgetown University Board of Trustees.