Evolutive nutrition. Have we adapted to today’s food?

This workshop aims to review the changes in nutrition the human species has gone through during its history, and how changing habits have influenced its health.
In the same way, the workshop seeks to inform about the realities and myths behind some of the foods we eat today, to help participants understand the effects these foods might have on their health and lives in general.
Ainhoa started in the world of health by completing a degree in dietetics, encouraged as she was to overcome her own health problems. She got hooked and continued her education, first in physiotherapy in the Fundación Universitaria del Bages (FUB) and then in osteopathy in the Escuela de Osteopatía de Madrid (EOM). After applying what she learned on herself, and not obtaining the expected results, she started investigating further on her own.
She finally continued her training in Psychoneuroimmunology, a program based in nutrition and in evolutive lifestyles, in Natura Foundation (Holland). Her own habits changed and evolutive nutrition has helped her trace the solutions she applies today in her practice.