Born in the USA, but having mainly lived in Europe (UK & Spain) and having travelled widely all over the globe, Yolanda now considers herself a world citizen. She is a research scientist with expertise in the field of nanotechnology-based development of new materials; with 2 patents on self-healing concrete and 2 patents on photocatalytic self-cleaning and air-purification materials. She holds a PhD in Chemistry (Imperial College London, 1997), and she was a Newnham College Fellow (University of Cambridge, 1998) and Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow (1998-2002) while she worked as a University Lecturer in the UK. Currently she is Nanotechnology Cluster Leader at a private research institute in Spain (TECNALIA). She recently received the Science and Technology of Advanced Materials “Best Paper prize 2015”. Apart from science, she is also passionate about music and even DJs as a hobby. She actively participates in TV and radio interviews and programs where she can share her love of science, nanotechnology, music and life in general. She firmly believes that we can all change the world by improving ourselves, and that small things matter a lot.