Author, student of History, LGTB activist, and content creator. Originally from Murcia, but living in Barcelona. She started writing op-eds for digital media, as are and Revista Mirrall, in 2017. In 2018 she became an author of publishing house ‘Amor de Madre’. She’s co-author of the book ‘Cuadernos de medusa’. She participated in many panels and conversations in defense of freedom of speech and gender equality at European Parliament, Lleida’s Museum, and Universities Carlos III and Complutense de Madrid. As a transgender woman, she fights against the discrimination and oppression her group suffers from. She received the award Muestra-T of the transgender associacion “Silvia Rivera”. With more than 19,000 followers in social networks, her activism in these issues also has a place in the digital world, which helps her spread her voice to reach more people.