Habiba, Marian, Jane, Salka, Fatima, Daniela, Viviam, Belén, Mariam E, Amaia, Maddi, Nahikari, Itzaro, Loinaz, Ziortza, Silvia, Yanire and Eztizen.


Andrea and Natasha.

This Goian performance comes from a collaborative work with other education centers on the various problems of Vitoria-Gasteiz. The objective is to sensitize both groups of young people (members of Auzodance and Koldo Mitxelena’s dance groups) toward violence against women.  In this way, these young girls become part of something that gives back to society by raising awareness on this topic that today is in everybody’s conversations.
The feminist platform in charge of the N25 demonstration contacted Goian with the idea of making a promo video of the demonstration through the medium of dance. Thus came the idea of putting the two troupes together and creating the performance ‘Inori inoiz inon ez’, a powerful and evocative dance with the tango Roxanne. Hala Bideo, another company that’s based in the Old Quarter, were contacted for the recording, to boost collaborations between different agents within the Old Quarter.