I am Asier Urbina. I’m 29 years old and I’m a cook. My actual hobbies are sports and chasing dreams. When I was a kid and everybody else was dreaming about becoming a doctor, a fireman or a policeman, my dream was to become a cook, and I achieved my goal at age 16. This is a complex career and then one day you realize you’re 23, you weigh 107 kg., you’ve accomplished a professional goal and you feel you’ve thrown half your youth to the bin. One day, a relative challenged me to run a 5 km race. I almost couldn’t end it; I arrived among the last runners and got injured. I received my first warning about my physical fitness in my early twenties. A little later I was diagnosed with narcolepsy. Then, I decided to change my lifestyle. I’m now a very active person; I believe training is a great way to improve myself. Last year I performed my biggest personal and sport achievement. I took part in the Vitoria-Gasteiz’s Ironman Competition (3.8 km swim, 180 km cycle, and 42 km run). I did all this with a solidarity goal, which I discuss in my talk–#ISgasteiz.