She holds a degree in History, specializing in Archaeology and Pre-History, from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. She completed her post-graduate studies in Physical and Forensic Anthropology at the University of Granada, and she is currently doing her PhD in the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid. She has developed her career mainly with the Physical Anthropology team of the Aranzadi Science Society, directed by Francisco Etxeberria. She has taken part in the exhumation of more than thirty mass graves dating back from the Spanish Civil War. She also does laboratory analysis, oriented to the identification of the exhumed remains. Some parts of her thesis research are based on this field work about repression, forensic archaeology and identification at La Carcavilla, Palencia. On an international level, she has had the chance to work in forensic missions in Africa and Latin America. Her other field of research is funerary archaeology, which has led her to dig for and study bones from various pre-historic necropolises, from the Roman period, the Islam period, and the modern era. She has recently led the archaeologic intervention in the Crypt of the Trinitarias convent in Madrid, where were found the mortal remains of Miguel de Cervantes, as well as a child cemetery from the 19th century. Results from all these research missions have been shared in many conferences and science congresses, as well as in many journals.