Aitor Sánchez – Dietitian-nutritionist

Switch off the Sugar: Learn to live without added sugar

In this useful workshop, Aitor will help us to remove the bandage we all have on nutrition, what he calls the Dietarchy. We will be able to demystify the false affirmations of the necessity of sugar. Through a series of dynamics we will understand how we have succumbed to the power of sugar, what its true effects are and how we can substitute it in our day to day life. Aitor Sánchez is a dietitian, has studied two postgraduate studies and is currently pursuing his Doctorate at the University of Granada, having completed research stays on food dissemination at the Karolinska Institutet and the University of Bristol. He is the founder of the blog “Mi Diet Cojea”, and writer of the book of the same name. In addition, he works as a contributor to media such as Radio Nacional and Melodía FM.