As a Sociologist with a specialization in health and gender from the Scottish University of Aberdeen, UK, I still, to this day, smile thinking about the look on my professor’s face when I decided to do my final thesis on the projection, or rather, the instrumentalisation of the female body in the video game Lara Croft.  

Since then I have continued my training, mainly in management, communication and health. I have more than 20 years of experience in Growth Consulting, mainly from the entrepreneurial side, although I have also worked for multinationals. From the pandemic to today, health has taken a front seat in our societies, impacting our productive system as well as our values and priorities. I am committed to sustainable growth, and therefore I feel I am an activist for wellness and health. I deeply believe that life has to be at the centre of business, as a source of wealth that enhances human diversity in all its magnitude.  

However, if I had to describe myself “beyond what I see in the mirror”, talking about my own personal growth means facing my challenges, trying to stay in line with my ideals as much as possible. Some of these challenges have marked me deeply, such as when I became a single mother at the age of 30. This moment marked me and continues to mark me on a daily basis. This was my greatest exercise in humility and self-respect.