Born in Poznan, Polony, in the ‘80s, she started her studies
of Ethnolinguistics at Poznan’s Adam Mickiewicz University
(AMU, Polony), at the age of 19. There, she started
studying Basque language and fell in love with it.
She has been nearly 20 years among us. She worked as
Polish Language Assistant at Mondragon University
(HHUEZI, MU). She has a PHD on Applied Linguistics by the
UPV/EHU,( Language Acquisition in Multilingual Settings,
LAMS, 2017).
Currently, she is a teacher of English of the English and
German Philology and Translation and Interpretation
Department. In addition, she is a member of Language and
Speech Research team (Laslab, UPV/EHU) and she focuses
her interest on the sociolinguistic aspects of language
acquisition and on the factors that have influence on that
learning process, mostly, linguistic attitudes and students’
motivation. In her everyday life, she uses four languages
(not all of them at the same time), and sometimes, she
addresses people in Polish without a previous warning. In
her free time, she is learning French.