The ESO detectives, is a group of some students of Berlanga’s
(Badajoz) “Cuatro Villas” IESO (High School), aged 14-15, who
have been devoting part of their free time to checking and
correcting orthography and grammar mistakes famous people
make on social networks. In order to fulfill this task, they use two
common accounts , one on Twitter (@ESO_ Detectives) and the
other one on Instagram (eso_ detectives).Through these two
accounts, they detect all types of grammar and orthography
errors made by public figures or private /public institutions with
more than 20,000 followers. Immediately, they correct those
mistakes in a respectful and elegant way, trying to explain (in an
informal tone), the reason why each error has been corrected.
By means of this activity, the students of this group of Berlanga’s
3 rd and 4 th ESO grades, aim at improving their writing skills and
reducing their own orthography mistakes. At the same time, they
raise a linguistic debate and promote a right use of Spanish on
social media, where they already have 15,000 followers who,
every day, encourage their project with every type of support
and encouragement messages.
On behalf of the rest of their partners, Ana Chaves, Isabel
Vazquez and Eva Sanabria “detectives “will be with us in Vitoria-